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            How to install the GST Software Launcher?

            Q. How to install the GST Software Launcher?

            Before you start generating E-Way Bill from Tally, you will have to install GST Software Launcher, a onetime setup, which will enable to generate E-Way Bills within Tally only. GST Software Launcher is an application that helps in the installation and updating of E-Way Bill Tally Software.

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            1. Download [GST Software Launcher] and click on "Install"

            2.Double click on the Downloaded File

            3.Click on “Yes” in the dialog box that appears next.

               4. The listed path(s) of Tally will appear in the next dialog box, you have to select your preferred path. Alternately, you         can click on the “Browse” button below and browse for the preferred Tally path manually.

                      5. Select the path and click OK.

              6. The TCP will validate if the Tally version present in the user’s system is a licensed one. You can now see option in the menu in ‘Gateway of Tally’.


            Congratulations, your Tally is now ready to generate E-Way Bills!

            Updated: 12 Apr 2019 05:16 PM
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