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            Zen TDS- Errors arising during import of Excel Sheet in TDS From FORM 24Q/26Q/27Q/27EQ.

            At Times, Zen TDS shows the Error message during Import of Excel Sheet, when the Total Tax Deposited and Total Tax Deducted columns do not tally in the Excel Template.
            (Refer image 1 and 2)

            IMG 1.

            IMG 2.

            As given in the img 1. and 2. , when such a situation occurs, ZEN IT displays a error. To eliminate this error, one needs to put correct and similar figures in both these columns which also gives the user a understanding that the total amount of tax which is deducted , is the same amount of tax which is deposited. If there is a mismatch between the two figures , it projects that there has been some fault in entering the amount of Tax in either columns. An example of how the figures should appear in the said columns, is given in the below image-

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            Updated: 26 Jul 2018 11:11 PM
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