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            Errors while filing Form 24Q

            During filing of Form 24Q , dialogue box appears stating
            "When Book Entry is "YES" then Form 24G -"receipt no", "DDO serial no", "Date of Deposit" are mandatory"

            Let us get an overview of what the aforesaid error is all about

            Form 24Q is the Form for preparing E-TDS returns for TDS deducted on salary under Section 192 of Income Tax Act ,1961. In the case of a Non Government deductor the above details are not mandatory to be filled because of non applicability of filling Form 24G on them. But in the case of a Government deductor, filing of Form 24G becomes mandatory along with Form 24Q and hence arises the need for furnishing the aforesaid details without which, the given error occurs. 

            Solution to avoid this error

            If "Paid by Book Entry"  flag is selected "YES" in CHALLAN ENTRY- FORM 24Q, then "DDO Serial Number ", "Date of Deposit" and Form 24G "Receipt Number" should be mandatorily entered, because by selecting Yes the deductor is agreeing on being a government deductor and therefore is required to get TDS deposited through treasury department by furnishing all the relevant details in form 24G. When all the details are correctly entered, the error message stops occuring.

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            Updated: 26 Jul 2018 11:12 PM
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